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Try and Make Me

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Saturday, October 22, 2022

9am - 12:15pm Virtual, Central Time

3CE Credits available for Educators, LPCs, LMFTs, Social Workers, Psychologists

About the Workshop:

Dealing with defiant or challenging children/ teens can leave those around them feeling depleted and overwhelmed. Their strong reactions and explosive behavior can cause parents and schools to accommodate them instead of helping them learn better coping skills. Many parents end up overreacting or “walking on eggshells,” but over time, these approaches backfire.

In this workshop parents, educators and mental health professionals will learn to take a practical, proactive and highly effective approach to working with difficult youths. Participants will learn to use relationships more positively to shape good behaviors. Methods to help children develop better frustration tolerance and coping skills will be taught. This approach will encourage the child to increase flexibility, decrease explosiveness, and accommodate to their family instead of the family accommodating to them. Kelly Smith will use role-play, extensive handouts, and humor to illustrate the technique of applying a respectful yet persistent approach to creating change with challenging children and adolescents.


  • learn how to build better relationships.
  • understand how a good relationship can become better reinforcement than behavior charts.
  • discuss why praise often backfires, and what to use instead.
  • review how to direct children/ado¬lescents toward appropriate behaviors rather than punishing for misbehaviors.

About the Speaker

Kelly Evon Smith, M.S. has been with the Mesquite ISD for the last 27 years as their Behavior Specialist. Ms. Smith observes approximately 350 children yearly for the district. She regularly consults with teachers, counselors, administrators and parents while creating individualized behavior intervention plans to be implemented in the classroom and at home. She has co recorded CD’s I’ve had it with that Kid! for parents and educators using a simple but effective tools for changing misbehaviors to good behaviors. Kelly states that all of the behavior techniques that she recommends to others have been tried and proven successful on either her husband with ADHD or her own children or grandchildren.

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